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About me
I've been scrapbooking since
March 22, 2002. Yes, I really do know the exact date. Though I'd been hoarding supplies for long before that, March 22, 2002 was the night I attended my first scrapbooking class. Back then, I only had one child and a couple of boxes worth of supplies. Today, I live in northern Colorado with my wonderfully supportive husband, whom I've loved for more than a decade now, my three terrific boys, and a room overflowing with supplies. Despite (or perhaps thanks to) eight years of college, I happily stay home with my sons, where we enjoy our homeschooling journey (which, incidentally, makes for a much more flexible scrapping schedule).

Styles & Techniques
Photos. Stories. Lines. I love to bring all three together and revel in the challenge of doing so in a way that conveys true feeling…whether that be light-heartedness, warm reminiscence, bold documentation or anything else. In doing this, I lean toward the clean and simple, though love to experiment with new techniques and ideas. My natural tendency, though, is to follow the "less is more" philosophy, ensuring the emphasis on my story.

At present, I'm not actively seeking any particular scrapbooking positions, though I'm very open to discussion, welcome any freelance work and continue to pursue publication. In the meantime, I am focusing on my family, honing my style and enjoying the preservation of my family's beautiful story.


Creating Keepsakes

Making Memories Page Layout contest
Honorable Mention,
June 2004, "Little Red Caboose"


Creating Keepsakes magazine

***3 layouts*** (July 2007)
***3 layouts & a tag*** (June 2007)
***4 layouts*** (May 2007)
"Do What Micah Does" online Start to Finish feature (April 2007)
"Easter Photo" (April 2007)
"Think Big Thoughts" (April 2007)

cover option
(March 2007)
"6 Years" (March 2007)
10 page Master Plan article & layouts, Top Ten special issue (Feb/Mar 2007)
cover layout (Feb 2007)
"My Knight in Shining Armor" (Feb 2007)
"Snow" (Jan 2007)
"Catalog Season" weekend online challenge (Dec 2006)
"Personalized book bag" online article (Dec 2006)
"Naked Trees" (Nov 2006)
Thanksgiving placecard (Nov 2006)
"Our Vacation Week" weekend online challenge (Oct 2006)
"Confession" (Aug 2006)
"Squirt" Worth A Second Look online column (July 2006)
"Bro to Bro" online Hall of Fame winner introduction (May 2006)
"Our New House" (Dec 2005)

Creating Keepsakes special publications
***6 layouts*** Super-Fast Pages with 4x6 Photos special issue (August 2007 upcoming)
***12 layouts & album project*** Family History book (August 2007 upcoming)
***3 layouts & 5 accents*** 101 Things You Can Do With Your Scrapbooking Supplies special issue
          (June 2007 upcoming)
***4 projects*** Scrapbooking with Your Kids special issue (July 2007 upcoming)
"Eggs in the Sand" Idea Annual book, volume 10 (Nov 2006)
"Number One Son", "Grandbaby", "Dot Ball", "Let's Play Again", "Melodrama of a Middle Child"
          Hall of Fame, volume 8 book
(Oct 2006)
"6 Flags" Idea Annual book, volume 9 (Nov 2005)
"While Brother Naps", "The Gang" More Creative Sketches book (Oct 2005)

Simple Scrapbooks
"Spikey Hair Boy" (Mar/Apr 2007)
"Game Day" Scrapbook Shortcuts Using Simple Schemes special issue (July 2005)
"Year in Review" A Simple Guide to Scrapbooking Celebrations special issue (Summer 2004)

Scrapbooks, Etc. (BHG)
"To Do" (Jan 2007)
"Whompus" Baby Book (May 2006)

Memory Makers
***7 layouts*** Scrap Simple idea book (Jan 2008 upcoming)
"The Day Behind Last Night" Simply Graphic Book (Mar 2006)

Scrapbook Answers (no longer in publication)
"Halloween" (enclosed CD)
(Oct 2005)


Creating Keepsakes DVD segment assignments
, upcoming 2007, featuring 21 projects

CKU album track class with Tracy White
, taught in 2007, featuring 20 layouts

CKU Home Study "Supply Series" classes with Tracy White
, 3 different classes in early 2007, each featuring an individual supply, featuring 10 layouts/projects per class

Creating Keepsakes for IMP
, Scrap n Fun kit design, 2006-2007

CKU Home Study class "Journaling Gems" With Tracy White
, online now, "More than a Job Title", "Creativity, or lack thereof", "Evidence of Me" (mini album)

Creating Keepsakes Convention class "10 things every scrapbooker should know"
, CKC Phoenix & Seattle 2006, all CKCs 2007, "Do Your Own Thing", "Monkeys on the Ceiling"


Prism Papers
Manufacturer Design Team
January 2007 – present

Those Were The Days
Online Monthly Kit Design Team 
December 2006 – present

The Treasure Box
Store Design Team 
November 2004 – present

Right At Home Scrapbooking
Local Store Design Team (via mail)
October 2006 – February 2007


For a look at my work, please visit my Two Peas Gallery. Please note, though, that many of my most recent works are not posted online as of yet whilst they are being submitted for or are awaiting publication. Thanks for looking!







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